Done with gross marketing tactics and graspy, hyped-up, gimme-gimme-gimme selling?

Good, me too.

When you started your business, you did it out of LOVE for what you do.

You wanted freedom. Impact. Creativity. Cash.

So... where is it? Isn’t it time yet?

Read on if:

  • You’re never sure where clients and customers come from

  • The gnawing sensation of anxiety and self-doubt is your BFF

  • You’re constantly second-guessing if you’re in the right business or niche or platform

  • You’re always looking for the next magic fix

  • You dread one day having to call it quits and go look for a ‘normal’ job when you can’t stick it out any longer.


Enough with the blah-blahs.

You’ve tried, and been burned by, this-and-that masterclass or the ultimate blueprint for massive overnight success.

You’ve had it up to your ears with fancy funnels and ‘proven systems.’

But you’re smart. You’ve got gifts. The problem isn’t you. You must suspect that, even as you fear that might be the case.

I think no one’s been straight with you about the truth.

I think most marketing gurus are under-informed or full of shit.

The problem with these marketing programs?


Strategy alone cannot create results.

Here’s the most important step that basically nobody else talks about.

You must first align your unconscious beliefs with the immense value of what you’ve got to offer.

When you do, all the parts of your brain will play on the same team.

You know that critical voice in your brain that says:

  • “You’re not good enough”?

  • “No one wants what you have”?

  • “You don’t deserve to be successful”?

  • “You’re too old/uneducated/untrained/uncertified/inexperienced/not smart enough/have the wrong body”?

Until you know exactly how to make that critical voice chill the fuck out and GET WITH THE PROGRAM, you’ll have a very hard time getting anywhere.

Trying to hack funnels and email marketing strategies before aligning your mind is like… trying to run while submerged in water. Lots of energy expended. Not a lot of progress.

And you end up out of breath and depleted.


Don’t spend all your energy fighting yourself. Spend it on creativity and service.

Once your brain is working FOR you rather than against you…

  • You’ll find sweet relief from that constant anxiety and self-doubt

  • Your efforts will result in actual momentum…

  • .... which will result in actual PROFIT.

I will teach you exactly how to have a coherent brain.

I will also train your mind to become someone who loves, lives and breathes the value of what you offer so that yo market and sell with zero conflictedness and massive enthusiasm.

(Yes, it’s possible. I help my clients with that every single day.)

The ability to market what you do with confidence doesn’t come from years of struggling to ‘put yourself out there’.

Fuck that.

It is enough to spend minutes a day with your brain to create the right neural pathways. I will teach you exactly how to do this.

In fact, being able to truly see, feel and believe in the value of what you do is a pretty mechanical process. Align the right emotions with the right thought-triggers.

Once you do that, all of the parts of you will be pointing in the same direction.

Then you’ll be taking consistent, meaningful action that gets you results.

Then you’ll be making MONEY.

This is a priceless skill to have.

Exercising it is a form of creativity. And I will teach you how to master it.

This is for you if:

  • Authenticity isn’t optional for you. It’s essential.

  • You long to prolifically share your work

  • You want to be rooted in a much bigger vision of who you are, what your work is and whom you serve

  • You want to know exactly how to snap out of self-doubt and paralysis no matter what is happening in your life

  • You want the razor-sharp internal compass for knowing exactly what to do next, 100% of the time

  • You want to go from hoping-and-praying to KNOWING exactly how you can create a profitable business

My business coaching is NOT for you if:

  • You’re averse to being “triggered”. I like to cut deep and fast so we can find what’s not working at the core level, and FIX it.

  • You don’t want to work with someone who will crack the whip when you want to slow down or give up along the way.

  • You feel resistant to very direct talk about money. I will INSIST on you making your investment back, and multiplying your investment.

  • If you’re running up against walls of discomfort, I’m gonna push you hard because I can’t sit and watch you compromise who you’re serving. They deserve better. You deserve better.


Your work is URGENT.

The world needs you to be working hard and making money NOW.

Don’t believe it yet?

Tell me your most vexing marketing/sales conundrum.

I will coach you for free for an hour.

I want to show you how much blazing clarity can be won in 60 minutes.

Fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

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By the way…. I used to read shit like this, and think:

“That sounds nice, but… I already have a lot of resources. I should be able to figure out this stuff on my own.”

With respect, you probably won’t. Not with any kind of satisfying speed, anyway.

Because if you could, you would have already.

“I should be able to figure it out on my own” is exactly what I used to think when I wasn’t doing much, going in the same circles, beating myself up about it, and kept ending up in that same place year after year.

“I should be able to hack it myself” is just code for:

  • I’m afraid I’m not capable of making the investment pay off

  • Maybe I’m not “deserving” / I’m not “cut out” for success

  • I fear I might be the unique exception that can’t be helped

  • Change is scary and I’m not sure I’m up for it.

All of these are LIES IN THE BRAIN.

Do not believe them.


Catching yourself when your brain tells a lie is practice you must commit to if you want to be successful.

I used to believe my own bullshit for many years.

I wasted so much time. Don’t be like Former Me.

Be like an Olympian.

We’re not supposed to be able to figure out how to massively uplevel on our own.

Grace, self-love and self-advocacy don’t come naturally to the human brain.

Let yourself be taught.

Champion-level resilience is hard to earn.

Let yourself be supported.

You can fucking do it. You can make your business pay.

Give yourself the challenge of signing up for an hour of free coaching.

By the way…

This is your chance to practice taking a risk where the outcome is uncertain.

That is a skill you will need to practice over and over again if you are to have a successful business.

The best thing that can happen is you walk away with several big problems SOLVED.

The worst thing that can happen is the clarity of “this is not for me, so something else must be.”

And that’s pretty fucking useful, too.

You have nothing to lose. Do it.

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