You can have whatever you want.


Let me sell you on that idea.

What feels like several lifetimes ago, I was a public health researcher and grant consultant.

These days, I’m — let’s see if I can remember them all — a hypnotist life coach, a writer who has published on national US publications, an artist whose work has been made into a clothing line, a teacher, and oh, right — a fortuneteller.

I figured out how to weave together all of my interests and abilities to create a coherent and profitable life.

I used to suffer from anxiety, depression, and addiction now I am free of them and enjoy more peace and happiness than I even knew was possible.

The secret key?

Knowing how to work yo’ own brain.

When I grew my revenue first x3, and then x10…

When I went from severe writer’s block to publishing a book

When I transitioned from a “respectable” career to a wildly unconventional one, and radically expanded my influence…

… it wasn’t because of any particular action I took.

It was because I figured out how to make my brain work FOR me.

I teach my clients precisely this.

My clients:

  • Start taking massive action on things that have been on their “should do” list for years

  • Lose weight without willpower

  • Get over depression and feel light and happy for the first time in decades

  • Quit over-drinking without willpower — and not feel triggered even in stressful moments

  • Get over their fear of success, and finally start making shit happen

  • And much more.

I used to always doubt these tools would work for me because I thought my brain was “special”.

Productivity tools, self-help books, life hacks, conventional life coaching, meditation — none of it had been the magic bullet. Having been disappointed over and over, I thought the problem was me.

I was somehow different, more complex, more resistant to what seems to work for “everyone else”. That was a very painful place to be.

But I was wrong. All of the painful riddles of my life began to unravel after I started to understand how to work with my brain, not against it.

My brain is not unique. Neither is yours.

Our “computers” work the same way.

Because you’re human, you have habituated neural patterns. Those patterns have created, and perpetuate every single problem you experience in life.

But it can be hard to see the opportunities to change them because you’re not accustomed to being aware of your own cognitive processes. It’s hard to see ourselves objectively. It’s hard to think outside of the same old loops. That’s by design.

It saves a tremendous amount of time to have someone point out your blind spots, hold you accountable, and train you to effectively install and strengthen better neural connections.

Then, you can have anything you want.

And that is no exaggeration.

What do you dream of having?

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