Client Testimonials


Katy Arrington

Artist & Life Coach

Working with Simone was the most incredible, eye-opening, challenging and rewarding experience ever. She is a wordsmith and magician. She helped me:

  • to understand the simplicity of coaching tools so much better

  • feeling and allowing my emotions on a deeper level in order to let them go

  • catching and creating thoughts that motivates me into action so much more quickly

  • creating my best coaching content yet

  • be on the other side of a "worst case scenario" failure and feeling DAMN stronger

  • fully believing that making money as an artist is SO SIMPLE, no matter what your art looks like

  • feeling like I'm building my dream life whereas I used to be stuck in a cycle of tearing everything down and starting over

  • focusing so much more on what's working,

  • and feeling more comfortable on social media than I ever have before.

I don't want to imagine what that experience would have been like without her.


Allegra Jordan

Executive Coach

Simone helped me create the documents that led to a $1.2 million transformative grant for a non-profit I work with. Two years later we are still using copy she edited.

I am blessed with her life coaching lessons, too. I need support to get through some sticky, tough challenges necessary for my growth.

She's funny and irreverent, and she's helped me a lot on some critical elements of my journey -- and YES, I am an executive coach. Coaches often like getting coaching. We see the tremendous value in it.

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Monicka Clio Sakki

Brand & Image Strategist

Simone is a surprise. She doesn’t offer an experience -- she is the experience. A mix of sweet voice, quicksilver mind, piercing truth and unexpected insights.
In her hands I felt like a chameleon changing the color of my skin by the minute. I love how the insights were practical as well as graphic. Mystical yet full of common sense. Creative and doable. Simone gave me a glimpse of myself I have sensed but not before seen.



Anisha Imhasly

Life Coach

Working with Simone has been truly amazing for me. She believed in me when I didn’t, and very simply got me to do something - talk about what I do on social media - when everything inside me (well actually, not everything, just my Lizard Brain on steroids) was screaming NOOOOO!

She didn’t buy into my lizard brain drama, but very firmly yet gently guided me towards action. Overcoming my fears was simply overcoming my fearful thoughts about things I had been putting off for ages. By breaking it down into truly simple and tangible pieces, I got to take action consistently, and sort of blew my own mind with it.

I came out of hiding and allowed myself to be seen. This created a big shift in my life and my coaching business, and allowed me to sign new coaching clients on my terms, with confidence and joy.

Simone is fiercely intelligent, incredibly funny and totally relatable. She’s also totally committed to her clients’ “why” (the reason they signed up with her in the first place) and kept me accountable to mine. She’s a generous and wise teacher. WORK WITH HER!