Hey, new friend.

I coach people to inhabit their biggest, bravest, most joyful selves.

I am also a writer published in major US publications, a marketing consultant, an artist whose work has been featured on HuffPo and made into a clothing line, and a bossy-ass fortune teller.

I’m San Diego-born and New York-bred.

Right now, I live in Korea with the love of my life.

I wrote a book called Don’t Do Your Best: A Guide to the Project of Being Alive. You’ll love it because it’s funny, heart-warming, encouraging and full of F-bombs.

Want to hang out online?

I love me some Facebook and I think we should be friends.

People regularly tell me “you’re the only reason I’m still on Facebook’’ and “I enjoy your facebook presence so much!”

That’s because I treat that place like a party!

Here’s me on Instagram too.

In case nobody’s told you today, you’re fucking amazing and I’m so glad you’re alive at the same time as me.